Friday, May 25, 2012

Majell & Leon - Skylands Manor Wedding, Ringwood, NJ

I had such a great time at this wedding.  Skylands Manor is so grand and gorgeous that you can really lose yourself walking around from room to room.  Majell was getting ready with all the girls in one of the upstairs bedrooms with beautiful window light.  It was so awesome to photograph her because she is so energized, no nerves and all giggles.  I'm laughing a little now just remembering that every time I asked for a shy smile she would just give me a big grin.  That's just how she is, a beautiful woman with a great big smile from ear to ear.  She wanted everything to be nice and relaxed for the day so she wore her comfy flats to the wedding.  Gotta love that.

Leon was the opposite, very reserved and calm.  I guess that just makes them perfect together with all the high and lows of energy.  We had a beautiful sunny day for all the photos at the gorgeous gardens.  It really is a perfect location even for a picnic on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I would just go back there to hang out one day.  

The ceremony was at the back garden under a hoopa, a very sweet combination of Russian Jewish and Philippine traditions. The reception was in the grand ballroom and let me tell you, these people can dance.  Everyone was out on the dance floor shaking it to Andres Entertainment DJs.

Congratulations to Majell and Leon! Mazel tov!

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