Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jennifer & Matt Wedding - Tomasello Winery Wedding, Hammonton, NJ

Jennifer and Matt already started their little family with their adorable daughter Lilly.  This wedding just made it official by celebrating with friends and loved ones on September 18th. 
The ceremony and the reception took place at the Tomasello Winery.  Jennifer had to walk down the isle with Lilly in her arms because the little one was just not ready to let go.  And it was heart breaking when the grandparents had to take her away.

We had a gorgeous breezy day and a perfect vineyard setup for the photos.  When we were taking the bridal portraits, there was this really crazy noise coming out from somewhere out back.  It sounded like some monster animal and we all we a bit taken back by it.  It’s kind of funny because later I found out from the owners of the winery that it’s just a recording that they play to keep the birds away from eating the grapes.
Congratulations to your little family!

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