Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tanveer & Austin - Indian Wedding : Woodcliff Manor Wedding

Even thought Tanveer and Austin are having a white wedding in Mexico, their family insisted that they also have an Indian wedding.  It’s all about tradition, respect and family values.  The day started out great.  Tanveer and Austin were in two hotel rooms that were connected to each other, so I was able to go back and forth to snap photos of both of them getting ready.  The traditional Indian gown (lehanga) is very elaborate, beaded and threaded with gold.  The skirt is really heavy, I’m sure Tanveer had quite a work out walking around in it all day.  So she put on her lehenga, her head piece, the bindi, the many beautiful bangles, other jewelry, the shoes and was ready to see Austin for first time that day.  Tanveer was all giggly, the moment made me smile from ear to ear.  I love seeing the bride and groom’s reactions to each other at the First Glance.
When we got to Woodcliff Manor, Tanveer and Austin had their little puppies all dressed up and waiting for them.  They were all very excited to see each other.  Then there were many family photos to be taken.  The day was so humid that people didn’t really want to be out there.  With my request the best man and the bride’s best friend stepped up and took charge of organizing everyone and making everything run quickly and smoothly.  The ceremony was beautiful, the reception followed.  They had their dinner in the upstarts part of the Manor and after coffee everyone went down stairs for some dancing.

Congratulations to Tanveer and Austin on their beautiful Indian wedding!  I asked Tanveer if it’s any different being married now and she said “”Married life” is just fine…nothing really has changed.  We keep saying we’re fake married, lol.  The real wedding is on April 22nd.”

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