True Artist.

Anya of AnyaFoto is a true artist, in every sense of the word. My husband and I would recommend her and her teams photography services to anyone that is looking for the true photographic experience. From her professionalism to her amiable personality, she makes you feel instantly comfortable in front of the camera and captures such amazing moments. She is able to bring out the life and true feeling of the moment in her photography and provides you with photos that you will treasure for years to come. Her use of natural light and attention to detail, make your photos look as if they could almost be painted portraits -- she is extremely talented. 

Anya went above and beyond for both our engagement and wedding sessions, she made the whole process feel like we were being pampered, she left us nothing to worry about. Our family can’t stop talking about her and raving about her photography. Our wedding would not have been as amazing as it was if we hadn’t had Anya there to capture every detail in such an artistic way. You really can’t go wrong booking Anya for your special day. We are going to be sure to return to her for future photography sessions down the road, especially now that she has her own 

awesome photography studio as well! Thank you Anya!

- Lauren & Justin

The best decision we made.

I don't think this review can begin to describe how absolutely incredible Anya is and how highly I recommend her! Of all the decisions we made during the planning of our wedding, the decision to go with Anya as our photographer was BY FAR the best decision we made. 

Every detail leading up to and on the day of the wedding was taken care of professionally and with great thought and care. Aside from her wonderful business qualities, Anya is truly a breathtaking artist who captured every moment and emotion of our wedding in such an exquisitely beautiful and elegant way. To say our pictures came back stunningly perfect would be an understatement. 

There was no request to great, no issue too big for Anya and her magnificent assistants. On a day where there is so much to think about and organize, I wanted a photographer who was going to take charge to organize and direct not only myself and my husband but the bridal party, family and friends as we decided to take a very large number of group pictures. Anya was there to tilt my chin just right, move my husband’s shoulders just so, assemble and RE-assemble our crazy family and friends to direct us to the perfect shot. She was proactive and creative, thoughtful and wonderfully kind as she captured each picture. 

Her efforts were not only appreciated and recognized by myself and husband but nearly EVERY SINGLE guest at our wedding (close to 175 people!) mentioned how impressed they were with Anya and her team throughout the night. 

Without a doubt Anya is one of the most incredibly talented photographers and artists I have ever known. We are so grateful that she was there to capture, with such artistry and magnificence, our special day. 

- Jordan & Nick


Anya is an amazing Photographer and a pleasure to work with! 
I was a recent bride, and I used AnyaFoto as my photographer. She was an incredible photographer every step of the way. From our engagement photo shoot, to the preparation for our big day, to how she eloquently handled our wedding day, I would recommend her to any bride. She has been extremely professional and unbelievably helpful with all special questions and requests that I have had. She was always friendly and cheerful and helped to ease any worries that I had. The most important thing to bring attention to is her amazing ability to take such gorgeous photos. We were thrilled with all of our photos from our engagement shoot and our wedding day, and we can’t wait to see our finished wedding album. She is extremely creative and is an incredibly talented artist. Her eye for the perfect shot should be commended. When searching for potential wedding vendors, my photographer was the most important to me, and I can say, that I am absolutely thrilled with my decision to choose AnyaFoto as my photographer. She is amazing! 

- Allison & David

 Hands down amazing.

What can I say? Anya is the best photographer. Period. Hands down amazing. I knew I wanted her as my photographer when I saw her wedding shots on her Facebook page. She did our engagement and wedding photos. During both photo shoots, Anya scoped out all of the places where she thought she could get the best photos and then gave us a lot of instruction (e.g., how to tuck your arms in, where to put your hand, how to smile, etc). Despite the blistering heat, it was fantastic!! She is also one of those photographers that gives you shots from so many different angles too. Anya is agile, so she was on her stomach, in the window frame, wherever she could get the best vantage point for that perfect shot. I was so impressed! 

Beyond her actual ability to make photo magic, she is also extremely professional and easy to work with. We knew all of the prices beforehand, so nothing was a surprise. She also contacted us a couple of times before the big day to go over the timeline of events, making sure we had sufficient time for everything. On the day of, she was smiling and excited to be there despite the heat. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer.

- Chrissy & Matt


My husband and I were married in December 2012. Photography is a passion of mine, therefore who we chose to be our photographer on our wedding day was one of the most important details for us. 

From our very first consultation with Anya, we knew that she was the perfect person for us. Anya is so extremely talented and you can tell that she loves what she does. She is able to capture the raw emotion of special moments through her creative and beautiful photojournalistic style. Looking at our photos, you can feel the love that we share for eachother and our families. We are SO happy with our photos. We've received countless compliments from our friends and famliy as well who have viewed them. 

Additionally, she is kind, reliable, honest, trustworthy, and diligent. She was there right on time and she orchestrated everything. I felt more at ease with her there. As promised, we had our wedding photos within the amount of time stated on our contract (approximately 4 weeks). If I had any questions or concerns through the planning process, Anya was there for me. I would highly recommend AnyaFoto to all!

- Christine & Joe

Mesmerizing. Unforgettable. Stunning. Breathtaking. 

These are a few words I will use to to describe the feelings I experience when I look at my engagement and wedding day photos taken by Anya of AnyaFoto. The entire experience from our first consultation till the post-wedding meeting was a lovely experience. 

Professional? Yes. Personal? Yes? Talented? YES! This describes Anya to a T. She is exactly the person you want by your side on your big day and to have in your life afterwards to capture all of life’s precious moments to come. 

During the wedding, I couldn’t even tell you they were there. They were so discrete and I was so surprised to see my pictures and think to myself “that happened” Another thing I must add about my photos is all I can focus on is HOW HAPPY and HOW MUCH FUN my husband and I had at our wedding. Anya captured all of that and then some. Everyone is elated, smiling and loving life. Her style of photography is not only creative but it is like a piece of art – her work is so unique and her talent is eminent in each photo – The lighting ….the angles…. everything she uses always seems to creates the perfect shot. 

Our experience with Anya led us to a true friendship.

- Michelle & Steven

They belong in a wedding magazine. 

We are so happy we hired Anya to photograph our wedding! Our pictures came out so beautiful with that perfect artistic look. So many of our friends and family have told us the pictures she took look like they belong in a wedding magazine. 

We are actually having two weddings to celebrate our two different cultures (I'm Indian, he isn't) and we're so pleased with the way the pictures turned out that we just decided to hire her again for our second wedding. Usually when you get to do something again you learn from the first time and try to do better the next time, right? Well there is no better...we're sticking with Anya. And the wedding is in Jamaica. She's so good, she's worth paying a flight and hotel for. 

Anya, thank you for giving us these beautiful memories. My only complaint is the trouble I'm having deciding which ones should go in the album...they're all so good!

- Tanveer & Austin


The most important vendor to me for our wedding was our photographer and I poured all of my energy into finding the perfect one -- and when I found Anya, she still exceeded every hope and expectation I had. 

Anya is the definition of an artist -- her vision and creativity is amazing. Her work speaks for itself, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with on a personal level. She is kind, caring and passionate about her work. She is a perfect help when it comes to steering you in the direction of how to pose, yet leaving you to create natural moments between you and your significant other. She is assertive as well, and was a pro at organizing the bridal party and even huge family photos in a timely and effective manner. 

I look forward to using Anya to capture the most important milestones and events for years to come. Thank you Anya for giving us the most precious ways to look back at our wedding day!

- Brittany & TJ


Anya is absolutely amazing. A friend of mine recommended her, and I'm so happy she did. From the moment we met Anya, we knew we wanted to have her do our wedding. I'm not the easiest person to deal with, especially when under stress, and Anya handled my nerves the day of with professionalism and ease. 

Besides her ability to ensure you're happy during shooting, her work is among the best I have ever seen. I couldn't believe how beautiful the photos turned out. She caught amazing moments throughout the day, including photos I have no recollection of her taking! I would use Anya again in the future for sure! 

Thanks so much, Anya!

- Katie & Dave

Talent and personality.

As a professional wedding photographer, I have know Anya as a colleague for a few years. She is a great photographer with a charming personality and is someone I consider myself lucky to have as a friend. I was also lucky to have her document my own wedding day. Anya is exceptionally dedicated to her craft and spends more time learning from others and perfecting her skills than any other photographer I know. This comes though in her exceptional images. 

The combination of talent and personality Anya has is not easy to find and was very evident on my wedding day. My wife is beautiful (I know I’m biased) but is not the most comfortable subject in front of the camera. Anya set her completely at ease and was able to capture stunning portraits of the beautiful woman that I fell in love with. As a side note, this is a big part of why I think Anya is quickly becoming one of the best boudoir photographers in the New York City area. 

Throughout the rest of the day, Anya quietly and unobtrusively captured the moments, big and small, as they unfolded. We are now left with great images, great memories, and the daunting task of picking images for our album from so many great ones!

- Jessica & Peter

 Beyond snapping masterpieces.

Anya is the ideal photographer for a wedding. I knew that I wanted someone competent and professional but I didn't know what other characteristics would make for a good match for me. Anya is young, creative, vibrant, knowledgeable, ridiculously talented and has a great eye. 

She is ├╝ber professional and remained on task to ensure she was able to delivere the best shots possible for us. She was completely responsive when we insisted on certain locations within our venue and could readily direct us when necessary. Beyond snapping masterpieces, she was calming when we hit a snafu with the limos and was able to explain the benfits of ceretain makeup options.

 The end result: my photos were stunning! I could not imagine placing our event in anyone else's hands.

- Cynthia & Vincent

Easy going.

We found Anya through a friend of ours and luckily she was available the day of our event. She was great to work with; she was fun, professional and easy going which is exactly what we wanted. She was punctual the day of the event, as well as, at meetings before and after the event. 

Most importantly she was patient with us and our guests, small children can be a handful sometimes especially when they don't want to cooperate. I would definitely book her services again and it goes without saying that I would recommend her to my friends and family.

- Kathy & Dan

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